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Me You Us T-shirt for Women

Me You Us T-shirt for Women

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About The Product:

T-Shirts are a must-have clothing line for women. Our T-Shirts are made of 180 GSM Super Combed Bio-Washed Fabric with a double-stitched seam and folded neck.

We have benchmark quality T-Shirts, which we assure you will love. They are pre-shrunk with a regular fit and offers excellent colourfastness. All melange colours are 90% Cotton and 10% Melange mix.

Size Chart:

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About the print: 

Embrace the unfiltered language of love with our iCKREATE Women's T-shirt, a statement piece crafted for those who dare to challenge conventional notions of romance. Designed especially for Valentine's Day, this tee tells a candid tale of the intricate dance between 'Me,' 'You,' and the powerful unity of 'US.'

At the heart of the design lies a captivating image of a rose, an ageless symbol of love, passion, and resilience. Placed boldly on the chest, the rose signifies the beauty that blossoms within relationships. Yet, this rose is not just a romantic gesture; it is a celebration of growth, thorns, and the shared journey that defines true connection.

The typography takes center stage, with the words 'Me' and 'You' deliberately struck out, leaving only 'US' standing strong and unapologetic. This design is a testament to the evolution of love, making it clear that in the realm of genuine connection, there is no room for individual pronouns. 'Me & You' transform into the unison of 'US,' a declaration that resonates beyond words.

The color palette mirrors the complexity of love itself – a delicate blend of passionate reds, symbolizing the fire that ignites romance, and soft whites, representing the purity of shared emotions. Together, they create a visual symphony that mirrors the highs and lows, the passion and serenity inherent in every relationship.

Celebrate Valentine's Day with iCKREATE and redefine the language of love. Our Women's T-shirt speaks volumes about the strength found in unity and the beauty of becoming 'US.' Wear it proudly, and let your style tell a story that goes beyond words. iCKREATE: Where love meets candor, and fashion becomes a canvas for genuine expression.

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