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Brass Peacock Dhoopdani / Camphor Burner / Kapoor Burner

Brass Peacock Dhoopdani / Camphor Burner / Kapoor Burner

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Material & Size:
  • Material: Brass
  • Suitable For: Home / Office 
  • Weight: 1.29 kg (approx)

About The Product:

Let the Good Vibes (and Smoke!) Flow with the iCKREATE Brass Peacock Dhoopdani!

Feeling stressed? Mosquitos bugging you? This ain't your grandma's air freshener – it's the iCKREATE Brass Bird Dhoopdani, your one-stop shop for fragrance, relaxation, and maybe even a little pest control (we're not making any promises, but hey, it's worth a shot!).

Why This Bird Dhoopdani is the Tweetest Thing:

  • Peacocking with Pride: Topped with a majestic peacock, this handcrafted brass dhoopdani adds a touch of elegance and cultural flair to your space.
  • Burn Baby Burn (the Good Kind): Light up your favorite incense cones or dhoops, and let the calming fragrance fill your home and chase away the worries (and maybe some mosquitos... again, no guarantees!).
  • Handcrafted with Love: Made by skilled artisans, this dhoopdani is a unique and beautiful piece that adds a touch of tradition to your home decor.

More Than Just Smoke & Mirrors:

  • Support the Artisans: Your purchase empowers local artisans and keeps these amazing art forms alive.
  • Double Duty Delight: Enjoy the relaxing fragrance of incense while potentially keeping those pesky mosquitos at bay (remember, it's a maybe, but hey, it's a bonus!).
  • A Conversation Starter: This unique dhoopdani is sure to spark curiosity and compliments (peacocks are pretty awesome, after all!).

Ready to ditch the chemical air fresheners and embrace the power of fragrance and (potential) mosquito control? 

P.S. We'd love to see your dhoopdani in action! Share pics on social media using #iCKREATEbirdDhoopdani and let's fill the world with good vibes (and maybe a little less buzzing).

Care Guide

- Do not wash
- Use dry cotton cloth to remove dirt

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