About Us

The Brand


From Photographs to Merchandise Prints

Everything at iCKREATE is about creativity!

Creating unique designs from photographs to bring you photo merchandise that is eco-friendly and durable. Our priority is to provide quality merchandise at a competitive price while keeping the Earth safe. 

Hosting An Event? Celebrating Something? Want to Thank Your Employees? 

We have your back!!! Browse through our merchandise or give us your idea & let us create custom merchandise for you!

Love a quote? Have a favourite photograph?

Give it to us and we will stamp it for you on merchandise of your choice!

With the option of customisation, we bring you close to the designer & your ideas to life. We strive to give you what you need at the best possible price. 

Guess What? We Ship Worldwide. 

So, no matter where you are, you can own our products or order products to be delivered to your loved ones living miles away.

The aim is to create a sustainable global brand providing quality products at competitive prices while keeping creativity & uniqueness intact.

The vision is to create an in-house brand promoting Make In India, creating jobs for the artisans & reviving the Indian textile industry by creating a mix of the traditional textile production, the unique theme of photo designing & new age sustainable printing techniques. 

2023: We onboarded a new artist who specializes in creating digital designs for oversized t-shirts.


From The Founder:


I am Isha, the person behind ICKREATE.

An IT professional with a passion for photography & love for travel.

Being an art enthusiast & a creative person, I used to explore various art forms. I started sharing my creations in 2016 through FB page i.create. It was just another hobby page till 2021 when I decided to introduce merchandise printed with designs created from my photographs under the brand name iCKREATE.


Why launch my brand?

The dream to start my own venture was always there. There was abundance of ideas in my mind, but due to lack of time & resources, they never came to life. With the pandemic and lockdown phase came Work From Home which helped me gain the time & resources to implement my ideas.

By this time I had already made some sales on photography platforms. Hence, I thought of pursuing it further. In this pursuit I realised there is no platform available to commercialise Photography Merchandise and this gave birth to iCKREATE.

The journey has started with few products with a ‘Vision’ to launch more products from an in-house manufacturing and printing space. It’s a long long way to go.


Hope you enjoy the designs that have been passionately captured and created.

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